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Hearing Loss May Be Affecting You!

Hearing plays a major role in our quality of life, from our emotional well-being and physical health to our careers and leisure activities. It is easy to not be aware if you have hearing loss when there are so many sounds in the world you may hear. Cell phones ringing, people chatting, traffic rumbling, birds chirping, babies giggling –if you sit back and listen, can you identify these sounds?

If you’re experiencing hearing problems,

you’re not alone!

48 million Americans—or nearly one in five, age 12 and older—experience hearing loss severe enough to hinder communication.

Many people have hearing loss. Do you?

Our ears allow us to hear, while our brain helps us understand and interpret the sounds we want to focus on and filter out what we don’t want to hear. However, when hearing loss is present, other background sounds may overpower or mask the sounds that are most important to you, like the voices of loved ones.

Think that you may have hearing loss?

Answer these simple questions to see if you’re meeting your hearing potential: Do you…

  • Have trouble following conversations in busy places?
  • Hear, but not necessarily understand what others are saying?
  • Have to turn the volume up on the television?
  • Often ask people to repeat sentences?
  • Avoid social situations that you once found enjoyable?
  • Have you been told by others that you may have a hearing loss?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you may be experiencing some hearing loss. We’re here to to help you improve your hearing!  

Hearing loss can occur at any age, for any number of reasons.


Hearing keeps us connected to the world around us. Whether it’s communicating with friends and family, interacting with colleagues, enjoying a recital, movie or TV show, or waking up to birds singing outside your window, when you hear better, you simply live better.

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“FACT: Adults with untreated hearing loss are more likely to develop dementia”