Erland Dettloff, San Luis Obispo

“All most like falling in love again!”

As with most hearing impaired people, my husband (Erland) believed he really didn’t have a problem, with many reasons why he wasn’t catching what was going on around him – “background noise,” “too soft a voice” “really wasn’t paying attention when you spoke,” “don’t need a hearing aid, as it wouldn’t work anyway,” “watched my mother struggle with a hearing aid and I don’t want to do the same,” and on and on.

Patience on my part paid off as I felt it was pointless to urge him to have his hearing checked, knowing it needed to become his idea! As the family observed gradual inattention at gatherings, a decrease in conversations and sharing humor, wanting to leave social functions earlier and earlier, we were aware that Erland’s hearing was, indeed, in need of some help. Then, a church friend (Kit Long) happily showed him her new hearing aids and the two of them engaged in quite a chat, much to my delight, and definitely not a set-up on my part. She was sold on Sandra’s expertise and professionalism, and recommended a visit to Hearing Solutions. The next day he made an appointment, and the rest has been just wonderful. I likened it to “almost like falling in love again!” I felt we had him back with us, he has been happier and more involved in conversations once again, and we are very happy.

Thank you, Sandra and Hearing Solutions, for your amazing help.