Dave Mills, San Luis Obispo

Well, this time it worked!

I had all the symptoms – difficulty comprehending the softer voices coming from the movie and TV screens, asking people to repeat themselves, giving up trying to hear soft music and conversation while driving my car. Even though my hearing loss was basically only in the higher frequencies, it was enough to bother me – and others. I had tried other hearing devices in the past, but they really didn’t help much. It wasn’t until I responded to Sandy’s ad and went through her very thorough hearing education process that I decided to try one more time. Well, this time it worked! I’m able to actually adjust my hearing aids to account for different environments— from a quiet room to a rumbly automobile — all with merely a push of a button on these tiny devices in my ears. Sandy keeps checking periodically to ensure that I’m still satisfied. I’m actually looking forward to my appointments!